WV Alliance

State Alliances are incorporated as a 501(c)4 to “promote exclusively the social welfare of boys and girls as served by various Boys & Girls Clubs in the state that are affiliated with Boys & Girls Clubs of America.” 501(c)4 is the Internal Revenue Service’s classification that allows organizations under its designation to engage in germane lobbying activities without the restrictions imposed on 501(c)3 organizations.

Since 1997, State Alliances have played a vital role in the Movement, bringing Clubs together to work as one entity. In addition to raising funds in support of local Clubs, Alliances promote and strengthen relations with public and private agencies. Alliances bring together Clubs in each state and capitalize on their collective strengths in numbers, programs, and locations. As a result, the Boys & Girls Club organizations in each state increases their ability to leverage their strengths with state legislators and agencies for financial support.

Boys & Girls Clubs West Virginia Alliance was formed and registered with the WV Secretary of State’s Office in 2004.

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